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  • myDermPath

    • The most comprehensive resource for dermatopathology with clinical correlation
    • More than 1100 entities included
    • Algorithms for differential diagnosis, immunohistochemistry, special stains and immunoflourscence
    • Expert tutorials for normal skin histology and various skin patterns
    • Take a Pop Quiz from a collection of more than 2000 images
  • myDermPath Algorithm

    • Entire subject content of dermatopathology in an algorithm-includes inflammatory and non-inflammatory skin diseases, neoplastic entities, genodermatoses and diseases of hair and nails
    • Clinical and histological description of each entity with images
    • Virtual slides for each entity
    • Ready access to Pubmed for each entity
    • MyNotes-Add your own notes for each entity
  • Search By Diagnosis

    • With a single click, get to a specific diagnosis
    • Salient histopathology and clinical features of each entity with corresponding images
    • Virtual slide for each entity
  • Special Stains

    • What special feature are you looking for? Description of almost every stain used in dermatopathology with corresponding images
  • Immunohistochemistry

    • Provides an exhaustive list of almost every immunohistochemistry markers useful in dermatopathology
    • Suggests immunomarkers for real-life diagnostic dilemmas
    • Algorithms for spindlecell, round cell and epithelioid neoplasms
    • Algorithm for B and T cell lymphomas
  • Direct Immunofluroscence

    • Immunofluroscence findings for each entity
    • Algorithm for immunoflourscence patterns
  • Glossary

    • All the common terms used in dermatopathology with histological and clinical examples

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